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Zelena is Groen is an international project focused on country, culture, cooperation and realization of students ‘proposals. It is the continuation of the project of the last year called BE-in-CZ.

We want our students to be interactive, involved, interested, inspired, inspiring, in love, initiative, independent, inovative, in BE, ...


The main idea of the project is to interconnect students´creativity, curriculum and cultural approach. Students think about, discuss and learn about Green technology,  Europe, foreign countries and their culture.

Communication, cooperation, friendship and open minded thinking are the pillars of our project.



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Read more: https://zelena-is-groen.webnode.com/



Belgian presentations

27/02/2012 19:19
The Belgian presentations are online! Check it out ...


First letter has left the school

16/02/2012 14:32
Today, the first letter for the parents of the Belgian students has left the school. We are looking for hostfamilies!


Website lauched

15/11/2011 08:41
Today, the website is lauched for the project Zelana is Groen. The website is still under construction, but will be updated regularly!   Enjoy




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Oude Leielaan 15
8930 Menen

Gymnázium a SOŠPg
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Nová Paka
Czech Rep.

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